Much Ado About Anaranjado

I love that word. Anaranjado. I love the way it sounds, love the mouth feel…the way it rolls off my tongue like dark chocolate. It’s a sexy, sexy word. I realize that it is the Spanish word for the color orange and I am about to speak of the fruit which is naranja, but I woke up, feeling wheezy* and am snarfing two clementines so I can take some chest congestion medication…so why not use this as an excuse to blog. If I am going to blog about orange-type fruits, I have to include one of my favorite words in said post.

Yes, I am well aware that I said I was going to talk of oranges and then I said clementines. Yes, I know these are not the same things, but for me clementines are as close as I should get to oranges which have too much potassium for me anyway. Nevermind that I consumed most of a jug of pulp free orange juice just this past weekend, trying to stave off whatever sickness is causing this damned chest congestion…I like to conveniently forget all about my dietary limitations when faced with some really delicious juice.

I just love clementines, and they are always available in abundance this time of year. I received a 12 pack yesterday from Door to Door Organics and have already consumed at least 6 of those. It’s kind of ridiculous. I had another 12 the week prior and consumed those all in a matter of days. Any day now I should be sated with clementine flesh and should start my metamorphosis…or something. I had nothing in mind when I started this post and now I have clearly run out of what little brain steam I had. I will say that I hope to blog some new recipes over the next few days as I have a plethora of produce that needs cooking. Now I just need to remember why I specifically ordered that fresh basil…and I leave you with this:


With that lighting and vignette filter, my little 3 am snack looks like 70’s porn.

*I say wheezy here, but as I said in an IM message to a friend who is most likely asleep, ‘woke up wheezing like a syphilitic apothecary’…just because.


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