Kale to the Celeriac (aka All The Colors in My Paintbox)

Once again I find myself needing to use up some languishing produce and also faced with the dilemma of what to make to feed my family. Good thing these two things mesh well. So, in a vain attempt to rid the pantry and fridge of the potentially offending items, I concocted this hot mess. My taste-brain says it should work well though. Secondary title was inspired buy Ballet For A Rainy Day by XTC, which I was listening to while I crafted this soup and post.

Potato-Celeriac-Fennel-Kale Soup (for lack of a better name)


fingerling potatoes, not peeled but cubed, about 1-1/2 cups

celeriac, peeled and cubed, about 1-1/2 cups

onion, about 1/2 of a medium sized one, diced

fennel, smallish to medium sized bulb, sliced thin and chopped

3 small bay leaves

2 – 32 oz cartons of low sodium chicken broth (you could use veggie broth to make this a vegan version)

hickory bacon salt, several good shakes (I used this as a flavor and salt sub instead of bacon or ham)

garlic flakes, couple of small pinches

2 tbl extra virgin olive oil

lacinato kale, small bunch, center stems removed and leaves chopped

1/2 cup of unsweetened soy milk

1 tbl of all purpose flour

Things Done to the Stuff

In a medium sized stock pot, saute onion and fennel in the olive oil until soft and just starting to caramelize.


Add the cubed potato and celeriac, giving a good stir and allowing to cook for about 5 minutes.


Pour in the chicken broth, add the bay leaves, garlic flakes and bacon salt, stirring to combine. Simmer on medium heat for 30-40 minutes. When the cubes of celeriac and potato are tender, roughly mash leaving various sized chunks.


Whisk soy milk and flour and sit aside. Lower heat, add kale to the stock pot, stirring well and allow to gently simmer for about 15 minutes.


Pour in the soy milk-flour slurry and mix well. Serve with toasted bagel halves.


It turned out far better than it smelled (to me anyway, everyone else thought it smelled grand). I took all the photos a little hurriedly…I used to take time with my food shots, making sure they looked really good, now I just can’t be arsed. Sorry.


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