Mandarin Sunshine Mintsplosion

So a couple of weeks ago, in the interest of making some healthy summer snacks, I bought 2 sets of these:


I have since made 3 flavors of fruit pops. One with fresh bing cherries and lime juice; one with fresh strawberries and a slice of cheesecake; and the last with canned pineapple, mandarin oranges, fresh banana & coconut. All three turned out really delicious, and the possibilities for other flavors is endless.

Today’s recipe is based on a really delicious fruit salad I made last weekend, so without further ado, here are the details:



1 bag of Dole Mandarin Sunshine blend frozen fruit (as seen above), thawed in the bag

1/2 cup of water (you could probably use juice here if you wanted…maybe orange or pineapple juice)

2 tbl of honey

1-2 tsp of dried mint (I actually went to shake some mint into the vitamix and forgot it did not have a shaky top…this is where the title comes from. Srsly. Mint errrrywhur. I spooned all but about 2 tsp out, heh)

1 lime, zested and juiced (you don’t have to zest the whole lime, but a goodly portion needs to be used)


Add water, honey, lime juice, zest and mint to vitamix. Pour thawed fruit and all of it’s juice on top and blend well until frothy and liquidish (you know, like a smoothie). Pour into molds, cap and freeze.