Drive-by Jackfruiting

Here we go with yet another method for making a generic jackfruit veggie ‘meat’. This time in beef flavor. I have read that roasting the jackfruit helps to give it a chewier texture, which is why I roasted the last batch. However, I think I probably should have shredded it prior to roasting to ensure that more of the moistness was removed. Onward to the cookery!

I marinated the drained & rinsed jackfruit overnight in a mix of beef stock (I like using these) and some worcestershire sauce.


Yup, still looks completely unappetizing and brown to boot. Fear not, a little more work and it will be glorious…or something.

I then nuked the cold chunks for about a minute to make it easier to shred. After cooling I proceeded to have at it with my hands. I have never found the two fork method to be as efficient. Maybe meat claws would work better, but the chunks are small enough that using my fingers was zero problem.

At this point the jackfruit has a texture much like cooked crab meat, which is not bad at all and if you wanted to use it like this, it certainly would work. I think you could probably saute it up to get some maillard reaction going on and add a little crispy to it. I would probably do that if I was using it in a curry or other sauce to be cooked immediately. In this instance I wanted something I could freeze to be used at a later date.


Now things are starting to look more meat-like producty. I drizzled on some really good Spanish extra virgin olive oil, shook on some smoked paprika and garlic, mixed it all up really well with my hands and proceeded to spread the mess onto a piece of oiled, heavy foil. I roasted for 10 minutes in a 350 degree convection oven. This is what I ended up with:


I tasted a bit and while it still had a fairly neutral flavor, I think it should work well for whatever I plan to do with it. I bagged it, tagged it and froze it for later use.


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