Taco Caked

Yesterday I cooked some parsnips, onion and potatoes in my pressure cooker, mashed them and had some for lunch and dinner (dinner I had some pressure cooked zucchini in brown butter and wine on top). Since I still had a ton left over, today I mixed them with some low sodium taco seasoning, an egg, some panko crumbs and a little shredded sharp cheddar. Made patties and am now baking some and frying some in a little olive oil. Here’s hoping they turn out well.

I apologize for this not being an actual recipe and for the lack of my usual, sketchy quality photos.

Okay, maybe I am not sorry for the lack of shitty pictures, heh.

UPDATE! I did manage to take a photo of the baked ones, we shall not speak of the one I tried to saute. It was a fail.


I topped a couple of those with a dollop of refried beans and a drizzle of taco sauce and had a green salad on the side. Delicious. I plan on freezing the rest for easy meals later.


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