Baking, Baking, Baking

Just a couple photos of some things I baked yesterday & today. No recipes since these were made using just regular recipes that I changed nothing about. Actually, here is the one I used for the cake. I actually used less sugar in mine, maybe an 1/8th cup for the caramelized top and only 1/2 cup in the cake itself…all brown sugar. The recipe for the meringue came from Rabid Hyena the Younger’s Culinary Arts lesson, and it was a typical meringue recipe, just using 7 freaking egg whites. 7 egg whites makes a metric fuckton of meringue, let me tell you.

First we have some simple vanilla meringues, made because my youngest had a Culinary Arts assignment to make a huge batch of meringue and we had to do something with it. They are pretty tasty little candies.


I like to call them Angel Poop Cookies

Then we have this gorgeous mess that I decided to craft at 4:30 this morning for some ungodly reason. Should make for a nice breakfast though.


This is just a blood orange upside-down cake.