Fun With Fruit

AKA I had some shit I needed to use up fast so this is what I created.

Indeed, I had some pears and apples languishing about in the fruit bowl, threatening to become wine, so I chopped that shit up and this happened.

3 apples & 3 pears, cubed with the skin on (any kind would work here, but I think I had Gala and Bartlett respectively…you could also peel yours if you wish, I wanted that extra fiber.)

1/3 cup of 100% juice no sugar added apple juice or water (cranberry juice – not cocktail, but the 100% all juice no sugar kind – would have been interesting here too)

juice of 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lime

fresh ginger – about 1/2 tbl

cinnamon – about 1-3 tsp depending on your level of cinnamonyness (say that three times fast)


this handy gadget makes coring and slicing easy as pie…or cake

Add fruit, spice, rhizome and juice to the instant pot. Set on Manual High for 4 minutes.


all mixed up and awaiting their pressurization

When it beeps, vent the baby dragon, open the lid and either mash roughly with a potato masher or blend with an immersion blender. You can also ladle the mixture into a blender and puree that way. Basically obliterate to your comfortable level of smushedness. I went for the chunky-style.


complete with a little blast of steam

The flavor of this is completely amazing and it needs absolutely no sugar. I would recommend adding pears that are just at the prime level of ripeness, IE they are slightly soft to the touch. They are generally sweeter and juicier this way. That added sweetness will really help the sauce flavor profile.


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