Korean BBQ Tofu

So I have subbed us to a meal service, but one of those that sends you the ingredients and you cook the food. After researching several services I settled on Green Chef. I like the vegetarian options they have, they don’t use a lot of fillers (IE pastas or breads in most of the meals), the menus were delicious sounding, and the price was perfect ($80.94 for 3 meals that feed 4 people each a week…which comes out to about $6.75 per person per meal*). I chose this as a way to not only get more vegetarian food in us, but also as a way to expand my wheelhouse vis-à-vis veggie cooking.

In light of this occurrence, I have decided to blog about each recipe I make and include ratings for the meals. Ratings will be based on how complicated or easy the recipes were to prepare and how tasty they are. My rating system will be based on chocolate crickets, 5 being the best.

Our first set of 3 meals arrived today, and it was like Christmas for me. I unpacked the boxes and, of course, started snapping photos. I was pleasantly surprised at how neatly everything was packaged and that all the items were color coded with the recipes. I don’t like to think of myself as an amateur in the kitchen, but I can see how this would help someone who is. One thing to remember, each box contains all the meals for 2 people…so if you have 4, you need to double the recipe amounts listed…like for water or oil, etc.

Basically I just followed the recipe directions (mostly) and served dinner. Recipe can be found here. The menu sheets were clear and concise (other than you needing to remember to double certain things) and having the ingredients pre measured and in their own containers really saved a lot of time IMO. Perfect for mise en place!

It took a little time to prepare and cook, but on most days I would prep what I could ahead of time…today that was just not possible. Taste-wise it was fantastic, the portions were a little on the large side I thought, and the boys were meh on this particular recipe, but Spouse & I were pleased.

Rating: miniminichococricketminiminichococricketminiminichococricketminiminichococricket


*And this is an erroneous amount. Apparently I received a discount on the first week of meals for some reason…one that wasn’t clearly indicated. The cost is much more…I had to cancel